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13012007018 Our town is not tourist area. It is literally in the middle of nowhere and absolutely nothing exciting is going on here that I know of.  BUT we have this little lake called Norbytjerne. It is surrounded by forest and is a wonderful place for kids and adults alike.  Whether be it in the winter or the summer, you will find joggers or children playing. In the summer, folks swim in this lake, do some outdoor activities or just hang-out.   In the winter, they do ice fishing and skating (but it is not safe to skate here at the moment — the ice is not thick enough).

This is one of the places where I get to stop everything, breathe and just be.


My phone suddenly went blank on Christmas eve. It is a big disaster for me because all my appointments and over 300 phone numbers, e-mail addresses of friends and clients are stored in that phone. I was too confident that the mobile phone (Nokia 6600) I have been using for the last 4 years would last forever. I have pushed aside placing all my contacts to my pc or to an address book for years even though I have told everyone that if I lose the phone, I would lose a lot. Now, I have to suffer the consequences. I was itching to buy N80 or N91 but they are costly and I am not willing to put so much money in gadgets at this time of the year. I settled for N70, the cheapest among the Nseries. I tried the camera today and I think that I am going to be satisfied with it just as I was satisfied with my old Nokia 6600.




17 thoughts on “Norbytjerne -Jessheim

  1. Briefy, before my connection brakes down again.

    Great post.

    Here is my message to everybody:

    Thank you for your last posting,
    I’ve learned a lot

    Pls be patient with me, my TP and broadband are definetly not my friends this evening. Pardon me, I have only some seconds here.
    That’s why everyone will have the same short message.

    11:41 AM

  2. sorry to hear about your mobile phone, i know the feeling. its so difficult to gather all those numer and other important info. kaya bumili ako ng celfone na pwede i connect sa pc para naka back-up lagi yung info.

  3. Sorry to her about your phone. I was once like that, so reliant on my phone for numbers and then it got stolen. But since I got here, my passion for technology has changed.

  4. The phone’s camera is fantastic ate and I am so jelly seeing you guys enjoying and of course a lot of snow!

  5. that’s horrible with what happened with your phone. i hope you were able to relocate your contacts and save their details on your new phone.

    hope you enjoy the rest of the week, ate Al.

  6. OMG I’m very sorry about your phone. N70 is pretty much a better replacement. Good for ya.

  7. ako naman Al, may phone ako palaging off ala naman kaseng tumawag o mag text sakin hehehe naka On lang yon kapag aalis ako kase baka masira sasakyan ko e di makatawag ako kay hubby hahha.. iba talga pag nasa bahay lang anoh? hehhehe
    dami palang snow senyo jan, dito samin walang snow spring na agad hehhee…

  8. Hello Al, were you able to recover your info?

    I just got this Sony Ericsson phone with a 2.0 MB camera and it’s really great.

    I am sitting here wondering what I would do if my “good” weather involves a ton of snow.

    You take beautiful pictures Al.

  9. kaya nga ako di pa humihiwalay sa paper&pen, mas masarap kasama 😉

    snow snow sarap sana 😦

    parang spring na ang weather sa amin, sarap makipaglaro jan oh 😀

  10. sorry to hear about your phone. Yes that is a dread. Love the new photos and that blue sky!!!

    Thanks also for the bday wishes.

  11. buti pa kayo marami na kayo snow, dito sa maryland, wala pa rin! but hope to get them soon!

    happy new year al!

  12. yan ang gustong gusto ko ang sumakay sa sled, cute ni Tatyana at nung friend nya.

  13. What a disaster, loosing all the
    It’s so hard to reconstruct, and you sure forget someone.
    Aha, Norbytjernet. I think I was nearby when doing military service hundred years ago at Sessvollmoen.

    Pleasent pictures.

  14. Hi Al!! a prosperous 2007 to you!

    too bad about your too,i dont put much money for a gadget.and i dont use my cell phone that much 🙂

    you have a very lovely place out thre.your kids looklike enjoying the snow.

  15. Sad to hair about your phone. I always try to kep a hard copy of important info. I still don’t trust modern technology 😉

    Looks like fun in the snow!

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