Dakar Rally

I am probably the only one in my family who is never going to learn to drive a motorbike. My husband, John, has been travelling in a motorbike all over the world. My eldest daughter, A.J. started with trial at the age of 9. Tatyana, who is 5, has started driving ATV when she was 4.

Before, I actually thought that motorsport is not a sport. They drive. That’s what I thought they do. They undergo a lot of physical training (just like other sports). Anyway, one of the rallies that my husband and I see every year is the Dakar Rally. There are 3 categories in this rally – motorbikes, cars and trucks.

I do not watch this rally because my husband does. The first time I watched this was in 2002. The same year an amatuer norwegian biker, Pål Anders Ullevålseter, joined this rally the first time. He came in 9th. In 2003, he came in 7th. In 2004, he came in 5th. In 2005, he had an accident. In 2006, he came in 6th. This year, he came in 4th. Let me say for someone who is not driving for a particular factory, he is impressive and I got amused by his improved performance every year.

Foto from nrksport.no

In my opinion, motorsports in Norway is not as popular as football. I remember that Dakar rally didn’t even have professional reporter from Norway that Ullevålseter had to do it himself last year or 2 years ago. We are lucky this year that the coverage on TV2 lasted for 10 minutes everyday but we have to wait until almost midnight!

I know that this is not the usual thing you expect me to post but I think this is a good break from all my christmas posts.

32 Replies to “Dakar Rally”

  1. sana ako rin makapag motor..

    ey thanks for the comments on my blog!!!

    have a great life!!

  2. hello po ate…

    ngayon lng ata ako naka-visit d2 hehehe…

    kakatakot naman tong sports na to, malapit sa accident pero in fairness ang gagaling talaga nila mgabike 😀

  3. Hi Al, I’ve always wanted to try to ride a motorbike! It must be a very exciting sport. I enjoyed reading your Christmas posts (albeit late for me as I just got back). Happy New Year too!

  4. Hi Al, dumaan lang…what’s up? I’ve been wondering what you’ve been up to.

  5. Hi Al!seems like you are so busy out there 🙂

    I just dropped by to greet you a happy weekend!enjoy and have fun with your kids 🙂

  6. maybe you & your husband can purchase one of those motorbikes with a little cubby on the side so you can ride along with him. and your kids following close behind. y’know, kinda like a family thing. hehe.

    hope you have a great weekend!

  7. hey al, my mom has some cousin in candelaria with an ebalo surname, i just don’t know if she directly connected to the ebalo one or the other party hehe.. ako man, ampakaintindi ako tan ampakasalita nin sambali hehe.. s becomes h in candelaria hehe.

  8. announcement everybody, just visit my blog its not spam, just wanna inform bloggers regarding this…

  9. frenchguy’s bro-in-law and nephew are die-hard fans of motorsports. his nephew just got a minibike for a present.. me thinks it’s dangerous 😦

    by the way, we’re are you from zambales? im from sta cruz!

  10. Hi AL, yes this post was a bit of surprise.
    I’m not a fan of motorsports, may be it’s the noise. But I am impressed what they can manage out in the terrain with their bikes. The Norwegian is a great guy, and we have had him as guestspeaker on several customer events. He really has his legs solid planted on the ground, as we express it.

    Funny thing is, that one of my second-cousins in California is crazy about MC’s. And he has his own blog where he tells about their experiences and races around Northern California. Even his daugthers are racing. They have lots of fun with it.
    Paul is his name and he races in the OTHG – class (Over The Hill Group; that means racers 40+)

    You might find it interesting to read about his and his family’s MC adventures.

    Wish you ALl a very nice weekend.

  11. How great of you to cheers a very special Norwegian sportsman – kind of a odd sport for a Norwegian. He did very well this year as well and I was thrilled to see you liked it too:-)

  12. well i dont know how to drive motorbikes as well so welcome to the club! lol!

  13. I detest motorbikes. They just scare the hell out of me. Cars are the best way to go. Oh and make that vintage please!

  14. thakyou for sharing your interesting life it adds for depth to mine

  15. there was a point in time that i only wanted to drive my motorbike. i never wanted to drive a car. i always felt that time that riding a bike gives a lot of pogi points. hahaha. i enjoy those days!

  16. your husband travel thru motorcycle all over the world,wow!and your kids started so early,too!

    Ive tried scooter in the philippines,theyre just similar,right?but i had no guts to leave the subdivision by it,its risky but fun!

  17. I am thinking…if accident in a car can mime, what are my chances in a motorbike?

    So, I avoid motorbike like plague.

  18. naalala ko bigla yung mga nagkakarera sa hiway malapit sa bahay namin, nakakatakot, di ko maimagine kung ano mangyayari sa kaniya kung tutmba o sumalpok sa ibang sasakyan 🙂

    nice pic, parang interesado ako ako matuto pero ayaw ko mabilis na takbo, hehe

  19. hey, al! glad to see you around again! thanks for the visit. i’m not a fan of motorbikes or the sport itself so i’m clueless when it comes to this. but i’m glad that things are great with you and your family! a little late but, well, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  20. Am with you on bikes. Seems some people are drawn to them and some of us have no interest. I am the later although did drive on the back of one around Australia in my youth, but that is another story, best wishes, The Artist

  21. Hi Al,

    What an interesting post! Yes, not the usual type of post I see on your blog…but I nonetheless enjoyed reading about motor-biking. I seem to be seeing a lot more of these light bikes on the road (sideroads). Be well, Bud

  22. susme takot ako nyan, dito nga lang ako natuto mag bike hehehe
    cool ng mga anak mo Al, talo si mommy hehehe

  23. i used to watch it while I was in Switzerland. I don’t think I get that channel anymore. But I guess it’s a fun thing if you learn young and can do it! Very cool your family is into it.

  24. parang ang sarap matuto mag motorbike, pero minsan umangkas ako sa likod, naku katakot!

  25. ay nako al… i’m useless with anything competitive (esp.. sports) kaya watch na lang… tamad tamad kase ako 🙂

  26. Wow, very impressive sa mga tsikiting mo Al, especially Tatyana, she started when she was 5.

    Itong sports na to kaya di nakatapos ng pag-aaral ang bunso kung kapatid. Addicting daw eh.

  27. I wonder if you’ll have the same experience there with ATV’s and kids that we have had — we’ve just had some new laws put in place banning kids under (14 I think?) from driving ATVs. There were too many accidents and deaths. Not everyone was happy with the decision, of course.

    Andrew (To Love, Honor, and Dismay)

  28. It is a dangerous sport! I don’t bike but I wish I could! I guess I am too scared of it.

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