Sick… Sick… Sick…

First, I had a cold… then a cough… then influenza…
Now, I am sufferring from chicken pox ! (at 37!!!!) AAAARRRGGGG!!!!

Sorry, guys, I will reply to e-mails, visit your sites and chat with you when I feel much better. Right now, I do not really feel well.

10 Replies to “Sick… Sick… Sick…”

  1. geezzz,Al,kaya pala bigla kang nawala..too bad,doble ang sakit pag adult nang nagka chicken fox db?im glad you re fine now and back to blogging 🙂

  2. Oh, poor little thing, you really got it this winter. I can only say “God bedring” – I wish you a very speedy recovery.

    Miss your wonderful posts.


  3. the fact na nagka chicken fox ka it means bata ka pa, (pa-kunswelo ba? hehe).

    get well soon. hwag kakamutin baka mag peklat.

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