Getting Healthy!

The last few weeks, my neighbor and I started walking 4 times a week (evenings). I am an incurably lazy person but I started liking this activity. We walk on our own pace. It gives me more energy and I sleep much better. Amazingly, I even walk with my neighbor even when it is snowing.

One of the farms in our area (Taken with N70)

This is one of the walking paths we follow. (Taken with N70)

Our backyard (Taken with N70)

I am looking forward to the spring and walk around Jessheim. It would be really nice to see the trees and plants starting to wake up.

11 Replies to “Getting Healthy!”

  1. kahit mukhang malamig, sarap siguro mag brisk walk dyan. gutso rin magkaroon ng celfone may magandang cam, para sa mga pagkakataong tulad ng ganyan pwede instant picture.

  2. I should do some extra exercise too!
    That walking path looks a bit creepy at night!

  3. kealan ba spring sa inyo? spring din ang isa sa pinaka gusto ko season, maganda ang halaman at puno, daming daffodils at squirrels masasaya din. sarap na walking walking kung springtime.

  4. looks gud…was like this in buffalo..few weeks a ago..but i didnt particularly liked to walk!!


  5. I always love to walk at night,too,coz that`s the only time I have… lazy or lets say tired enough to do so..

    goodluck and keep it up,Al!!
    have a great week ahead!!

  6. i love walking.. that includes hiking.. good that you find time to do some exercise, that’s good for the health 😉

  7. What lovely walks in the winter wonder land you’ve had. But; I’m loonging for spring too. Snow bells are peeking up in the garden now!
    Have a lovely weekend and welcome over if you like a free cruise from Stockholm to Oslo:-)

  8. I am too lazy to walk these days since I am swamped with schoolwork. That’s why I bought a dance mat for exercise purposes!

  9. Proactive lifestyle! Good for you. But how can you manage to run and stuff? Isn’t it too cold out there? 🙂

  10. Al, I walked, but I am a sissy. When I see a sign of snow anywhere outside, I walk in the gym or the mall. My lungs would hurt if I breath such cold air. I tried running in it a long time ago, and I was in such agony from the cold air, I promise myself never to do it again…running outside in the cold weather.

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