Filipino Talents

I have been living in Norway for 7 years now and I have not attended a single Filipino gathering until last weekend. I hope you do not take this in a negative way. Not that I do not like socializing with Filipinos in Norway, I just did not have the time and energy (getting old. Haha!). Here are some photos of the display of talents during the gathering.

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24032007341 24032007351
Filipinos in general love music. There was singing and dancing in the party. The program was entertaining especially for the Norwegian guests. I almost forgot, the food was SUPERB!!!!

24032007344 24032007342
Filipinana & Barong Tagalog. These are 2 of our traditional clothes. Traditionally, these clothings are made of pineapple leaves or abaca silk. They are used in formal occassions.

24032007373 24032007369
Me and friends (Dulce and Shiela)

By the way, there was an announcement at the party that a Filipino-Norwegian joined the Miss Norway this year. Her name is Kirby Ann Basken. She joined Miss Norway last year and landed second place. She also joined the Mutya ng Pilipinas 2006 and became Miss Asia Pacific International. and You might want to give your support by voting for her. Click here to vote.

12 Replies to “Filipino Talents”

  1. That is a lovely gathering ate Al. Is there a lechon on the party? God I miss that heheheheheheh.

    You look lovely as usual ate on the pics!

  2. What a lovely gathering – looks like you had a blast – good to see and thanks for the lovely pics!
    Wishing you a lovely weekend!
    Then off to vote of course:-)

  3. Look who’s partying like crazy! Good for you! 🙂

    Anyhoo, about your question: Meron na pong Satellite TV dito. If I’m not mistaken, I think Destiny Cable offers that service.

  4. nice pictures,Al 🙂

    me,i want to socialize and watch that kind of shows,the problem is,we dont have that here,you are lucky!!

    hey,Al,dont feel old,were almost the same(kalabaw lang daw ang tumatanda,hehe.)
    happy weekend!!

  5. glad to hear that you finally had time to attend a Filipino gathering, masaya diba, parang nasa Pinas ang pakiramdam mo. cge let support the Fil-Norwagian candidate

  6. kung hindi mo sinabi na sa norway itong gathering na ito iisipin ko nasa pinas ka, ayus ang custom!

  7. Hi Al. Over here in Cambodia, the Filipino community is very active. One thing we are proud of here is the Samahang Pilipino, a group of Filipino professionals which is always in charge of activities for all occasions imaginable. Haha. Like you, I never get to attend all the gatherings but if I do, it’s always great fun.
    By the way, do you mind if I link you up? Thanks 😀

  8. AL, so heavenly good you are back here in this community as well. I know you have had “ditt å stri med”, so have I. Work-work-and work.


  9. I am like you Al, I wanted to go but there’s so many other stuff going on.

    Ms. Basken is beautiful…is she Filipino citizen or?

  10. I’m always so amazed that there are Filipinos EVERYWHERE! I just met a lovely lady who was married to an Italian and lived in Rome… gosh, I’ve got to get out more often!

    This party looks like fun… did you have lechon too? 🙂

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