Easter Break

For the first time, my eldest daughter, Angelika Jane, went on a trip alone. Not very far away, though, just Denmark. Although, she was going to my husband’s family, I could not help but be worried. Even if she is 15 years old, in my eyes, she is still my baby. I guess, all parents never really get pass the point where kids grow up. Or is it just me?

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The right photo is Oslo Gardermoen Airport’s ATC tower. It is considered one of the most advanced in the world. I call the left photo – the star of Gardermoen. Hehe. If you happen to see this star as you drive by E6, you are about 2 minutes away by car to my home.

Let me tell you one thing about norwegians, they are renovation maniacs! LOL. Norwegians spend so much money on their homes. And I think I got this disease. Instead of doing something during the easter break, I decided to paint the bedroom, for now. We are intending to do something more later on.

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The room is about around 23 square meters with a wall making 2 separate small rooms inside the bedroom. I painted 10 walls. You can just imagine why I do not want to see another paint brush for awhile. It used to be yellow and I painted it Cafe Late (between brown and creme) this time. For those who know me, it would probably be a surprise since I usually choose lively colors. Maybe, I’d change my mind later.

On Easter Sunday, my daughter, Tatyana, and I went to St. Magnus Catholic Church in Lillestrøm. I like this church very much. The size of it gives me a feeling of belonging to the community. It is a small church. The simple and modern architecture and interior design of the church gives me the feeling of serenity.
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After the mass, we went to Shiela’s home, a fellow filipino, for Easter Dinner. We were served Pancit, Reindeer Steak, Embotido among others.

Minnesund Bridge
The view from Shiela’s Kitchen window. Mjøsa River. Minnesund Bridge


13 Replies to “Easter Break”

  1. Cruise – I hope so! You are welcome!
    Miss Norway is also the winner of Mutya ng Pilipinas and represented the Philippines in the Ms Intercontinental competition in 2006.

    Expat – Haha. 5 minutes? You cannot finish one wall for that period of time.

  2. Al – sounds like a lot! I think I like both colors… And I’m so happy I wasn’t painting becasue I like doing it for 5 mins.

    Great report and pics!

  3. ngayon alam ko na kapag naligaw ako sa normay, hahanapin ko yung marker na yan para mabisita naman kita.

    nakita ko na sa tv si miss norway, ang ganda ganda niya.

  4. Renny – Haha! I think that since it is also my job to renovate other homes, I do not run out of ideas in my own home too.

    Charles – make sure that you have a little time for yourself 🙂

    Shoshana – maybe, you can do it yourself next time. It can be relaxing too.

    Sidney – You should try Reindeer steak. Really good!

    Iskoo – heheh… mahal ang bayad sayo baka di kita maafford! BTW. Ms Norway is half norwegian.

    ZJ – Easy lang. You need to relax too 🙂 Roof top garden seems to be a nice thing to have!

    Ghee – Goodness, I am having a hard time letting my kids grow… and having a hard time with the hormones too.

    Mimi – Oo nga. Sometimes, I wish I would just let go and let them learn on their own but… I am a natural worrier.

    Tor – I am describing norwegians I see you guys. I think it is very positive to invest on homes instead of squandering money away 🙂 Det er greit Tor, I hadde problemet med mitt nettleverandør og (Jeg har byttet til Telenor og fikk problem.)

  5. Thanks for describing us Norse as we truly are. Great.
    Wonderful pictures. And those from Gardermoen reminds me my luggage are the to be picked up Sunday Night.

    btw: Beklager at jeg har hatt nett-problemer i det siste og derved vært lite aktiv

  6. belated happy easter!

    karamihan sa parents ganun.. nagwwory palagi.. peru natural lang po..

    have a nice day!!!

  7. Al,di ka nag iisa,hahaha!i think every mom is just worried about their daughters.my eldest is turning 15 this nov,honestly,im focusing on her,since last year.shes in a complicating stage and she needs my ears always,LOL!

    great renovation!10 walls,Al?wow!thats a hardwork.i love the color,of course i do love cheery colours,too..but cafe latte looks yummy and clear for me 🙂

    happy weekend,Al!

  8. Belated Happy Easter, Al.
    It’s Khmer New Year here in Cambodia, and just like you, husband and I prefer to spend the holiday working in our rooftop garden. Matagal na naming napabayaan dahil busy sa work.
    Have a good weekend. Hope Angelika Jane enjoys her trip to Denmark.

  9. ang sipag naman mag paint ng bahay, at hindi lang basta paint, 10 walls! you could have just hired me to d o the painting, hehehe.

    ganad ng view s kitchen’s window. nakaka relax.

    oo nga makakalaban ni miss philippines si miss norway na pinay din..gudluck sa kanilang dalawa.

  10. I think all parents are like that! I also have problems to let go my son…

    Reindeer Steak… I should try this one day !

  11. Al, sounds like you have a great time during Easter.

    I am painting too…but I paid someone to do it. Big job for about 4000 sq ft house.

    On Easter, we started a garden. It was lots of fun.

  12. Belated Happy Easter to you ate!

    My Easter wasnt that exciting since I was stucked with school related work.

    Btw, I havent receive your invitation ate.

  13. So now you are a renovation maniacs too;-)
    Congrats to the winners and belated Happy Easter to you and your family too!

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