Dugnad is a norwegian word which means getting together and working for a common cause or to help a person. It is an unpaid work and voluntary. It is very usual in local communities and organizations. A dugnad can also be helping a neighbor or a friend painting or renovating his house (in exchange for some beer. Heheheh)

Last Saturday, we went to a dugnad at Skjeberg. Everyone who own a boat parking space were there. It is also a very social thing. Going around talking to the neighbors. I enjoyed it very much but I did not stay very long because I was not dressed well. The wind was fierce that day.



The kids find something to do while the parents work and socialize….



Dugnad is synonymous to filipino “Bayanihan”

17 Replies to “Dugnad”

  1. Hi Al!!its been a while,ive been a little busy din kasi 🙂

    so nice to know that you also have bayanihan there.its good to socialize once in a while dahil kakapagod din ang busy skeds,right?

    your country is really beautiful!!
    take care,Al!!

  2. hello Al,

    just passby to say hello to you. am still so busy with my studies kaya seldom akong magbloghop lately. babawi din later 🙂


  3. i thought about bayanihan kaagad.. good that you have that there in norway.. here, they help each other too, pero limited to those they know lang..

  4. It sounds like a lot of fun Al. We used to do those Bayanihan projects in highschool in the Philippines.

  5. madali ka palang makaka-relate sa kagawian dyan sa norway, somehow may similarity sila sa kagawian natin.

    sana ma maintain ng pinoy ang bayanihan, kasi sa panahon ngayon parang di o na masyadong nakikita.

  6. just ask us, and we are coming down to your wonderful place in Southern Norway.
    Dugnad – can be fun but also a bad experience.

    btw. been occupied 24/7 for a month – even without internet connection. brrr-grrr

    and we are moving to our summerhome during this weekend… also until now without net-connection.

    Promise, we’ll find a solution

    hugs from Anna and Tor

  7. wow, that’s so fulfilling. i like things like that as well…helping out your neighbors and whatnot 🙂

    and it’s a good way to show the kids how wonderful helping out is too.

    and as usual, wonderful pics, ate Al 🙂

  8. Buddy – 🙂 It is a very good thing! I like going to a dugnad.

    Renny – Well, let us hope there would be someone bringing vafler and coffee at your dugnad 🙂

  9. We will have dugnad next weekend in our neighborhoods too. It’s a great way to socialize and also get some work done. Then people also tend to take more care of the surroundings as we all have contributed.
    Great pics too!

  10. hi al, sounds like a lovely tradition…like barn raisings in the old america, or volunteer day. thanks for stopping by my site. – bud

  11. Mimi – very relaxing yung place. 🙂

    Sidney – this is just one of the small fjords, you should see the big ones.

    Ski – I will add you!

    Nino – there are some similarities even in food.

    Chase – LOL now, you have Odd… no need to check out guys.

  12. I always wanted to join a dugnad so I can checkout some cute guys in the neighbourhood. But that was before

  13. Bayanihan was exactly the first thing that crossed my mind. Awesome! Didn’t know that the Norwegian and Philippine cultures have something in common. ;-p

  14. hi..nice blog..love it. will u add me in ur friendster?-wyzynskigabriel@yahoo.com..thanks

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