17th of May – Norwegian National Day

There are lots of things I would like to blog about these days. I just wish I had more than 24 hours to just sit down, relax and blog. Among the many things I would like post is the norwegian national day celebration.
One of the days of the year I am always looking forward to is the 17th of May. Kids and adults alike look forward to this day… probably to have an excuse to eat all the ice cream and hotdogs they can take. Kidding aside, it is a day of celebration, colors and nationalism.

Barnetog – Children’s Parade in Jessheim

John (my husband), Me in Romeriksbunad and Tatyana in Festdrakt. So why do I have a bunad (norwegian national dress) on? I inherited it from John’s aunt who inherited it from John’s grandmother. My bunad is almost 100 years old. It is very practical to have a bunad. One dress for all the formal occassions – weddings, confirmations, christening. 🙂

If you are wondering where my eldest daughter A.J. is,she is probably with friends in this sea of people at Karl Johannsgata in Oslo. We went to Oslo on the 17th of May but we didn’t see her.

At Akershus Fortress

You’d probably wonder why I use the Norwegian National Costume when I am filipino by birth. For 7 years now, Norway has been my home and 2 years ago, I chose to be a norwegian citizen. I was adopted by this wonderful country and I have no problem adapting to their culture. I am proud to be a filipino-norwegian. Please do not think that I have chosen to be a Norwegian citizen only for practical reasons. I love the nature here, the people, the air,the safety and most of all I love the home that we have created here. I am not saying that Norway is paradise. I oppose to a lot of political issues (which I will never discuss here) and a lot of loopholes in the system (which system doesn’t have one anyway?) but generally, it is great to live in this country.

PS. This post does not mean that I love the Philippines less.

Photos: I have my brother, Alvin, to thank for the photos 🙂

9 Replies to “17th of May – Norwegian National Day”

  1. Sidney – Thank you for the compliment! I think that most of those unhappy migrants stay unhappy because they have failed to adapt and integrate. Same with you, I think that you are having a good time in the Philippines because you have adapted to the culture.

    I hope so too. I still want to have my filipino citizenship but it is not allowed here in Norway.

  2. You look good in that dress! To be happy in another country you need to adapt and integrate! It seems you did a wonderful job here.
    Dual citizenship is now accepted in the Philippines. I read that the European community will allow it also soon!
    Take the best of both worlds…

  3. Charles – Thanks again and thank you for fixing my blog 🙂 Hope everything works out with your problem.

    Renny – I feel very much at home. I fell in love with this country!

    Tor – Hehe. I think so too 🙂

    Ethel – Parang norwegian, until I talk… hehe

    Mimi – You should see the other types…fantastic

  4. AL, this is a great post. To see you in Romeriksbunad is really smashing. It’s so made for you.

    Excellent pictures.

    btw. You are added in my FB

  5. What a great Norwegian National Day post – you look great in your Romeriksbunad!
    I’m so glad you find yourself at home here in Norway and you are a great filipino-norwegian representative!

  6. Hallo ate you look soooo lovely with your bunad. I like it! I am so sorry if I wasnt able to visit here for a long time since I am cramming with the film studies and also moving in. Yup you are always welcome to crash here ate when you are in Bergen!

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