A.J.’s Confirmation

As I have mentioned before, my eldest daughter, A.J., had her confirmation at St. Magnus Catholic Church on the second week of May. Usually, when one reaches the 10th grade, one can decide to have the sacrament of confirmation. It is not a must though. A Catholic can have their confirmation even at a later age.

Confirmation is big in Norway. It is like opening a door towards adulthood to some teens. To some, it is tradition. I would like to believe that some of them receives this sacrament because they believe in God. Unfortunately for some, their focus is on how much money they would get. 😦




At Saint Magnus Catholic Church in Lillestrøm



P5120381 P5120405

All in all, we had about 60 guests at home. It was a simple celebration with lots of food. Thanks to my friends who helped me prepare and who assisted me during the party. We had king crabs (Kamchatka krabber), Smoked salmon, Lumpia (Spring Rolls), Chili Scampi, Pancit (Fried Noodles), Moose Casserole (Elg Gryte), Cold Cuts (Ham, Smoked lamb meat, Salami), Herring with Onions ( Løk Sild), Danish Meat Cake, Chopseuy, Pork Barbecue and Sea food barbecue. Lots of red wine, white wine, vodka, whisky, brandy, champagne etc. Yes, I know, I should’nt serve alcohol on confirmation parties but heck, I needed an excuse to drink. heheh.

My mom, brother and aunt flew all the way from Manila just to be A.J.’s confirmation. My cousin Benneth flew from Stockholm too.

The celebration was very simple, like I said. No long speeches. Just family and some friends enjoying each others’ company. The first guest came at 1pm and the last guest left at 5pm the next day. Heheh. You can guess what happened in between.

Anyway, let me just thank Renny for being the first to greet me on my “beerday” . Thanks Renny for the wonderful sms you sent me!!!!! I appreciate it very much.


12 Replies to “A.J.’s Confirmation”

  1. happy happy happy birthday, its always nice to celebrate bierthday with the love ones.

  2. Ethel – Thanks and Have a nice week ahead!

    Renny – I hope that we would be able to meet one of these days. I know you are also busy (like everyone else)

    Charles – There will be another chance. You and Odd are always welcome here.

    Patrice – Religion in my opinion is important for worshiping together and for being a part of a community but in the end it is your personal relationship with the Lord that counts. 🙂

    Reyna – Good to hear from you again! Thanks for the compliment. I wish I had a Maria Clara! Hehehe.

  3. Wow naman! I like seeing Norwegian pictures! I like that national custome! Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting ma blog!

    Greetings from Philadelphia!

  4. Congratulations to yur daughter and of course to you! I wish religion was as big here. I woudl say that religion plays a big role in the lives of immigrants, minorities and blacks but not much for whites. That is my own opinion of course.
    Happy to know you had a nice time.

  5. Very nice! I am just a little bit mad at myself that I didnt manage to attend the party due to filming. Ugh!

  6. First of all congrats to your wonderful daughter A.J. You have all the reasons to be proud of her and I’m sure she is greatful to parents and families like you!
    What a lovely ceremony and a great party you’ve had and with all that lovely food – I just love King Crabs – and of course the Norwegian Elg gryte!

    Btw: Thanks for tagging me – that was sweet of you! Off course I had to text message you two minutes after midnight on your day. After all you was one of my first blog friend who connected me to other lovely blog friends!
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful weekend:-)

  7. wow, grabeh yong handa daming foods 🙂 at shempre daming visitors 60 andami ah.
    Congrats to AJ.

    Happy weekend senyog lahat Al.

  8. Mimi – at least it was not too long ago with you 🙂

    Shoshana – AJ looks like a grown up, acts like a real teenager but sometimes think like a kid. Heheheh. I am glad that she does not mature faster than she should. Beg for help. That is the only advice I can give you. Don’t do it alone. If someone offers to help, do not say no.

  9. Hey, Congats to AJ and welcome to adulthood, though it looks like she’s been in adulthood a while. She looks responsible and grown up.

    Wow, lots of guests Al. My son has a birthday in June, I might actually have a party where I prepare stuff myself…let’s see. I am tired already thinking of having so many guest.

  10. naalala ko din tuloy confirmation ko…

    hehe.. lolo at auntie ko ang ninang at ninong ko.. same same.. Ü

  11. Neng – Ikaw ba yan? I cannot access your page. Wala akong handa kasi trabaho ako ngayon 😦

  12. ang saya naman, kumpleto ang pamilya 😉

    alles gute sa kanya ….. and

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY naman sa iyo! anong handa???

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