Happy Birthday John!

It is my husband’s 47th birthday today (3 days after my birthday). We do not have any big plans on our birthdays. We are just going to stay home and have dinner together.
Just a few weeks ago, we found out that John has cancer. (Please do not ask me to elaborate on this because I am not a medical person. ) It is not the agressive type of cancer, though. It is can be treated but he has to go through chemotherapy and another operation. We were told what to expect and what to do when he gets side effects from the cure. We are very hopeful that he would be cancer free in 6 months. Despite of the difficulties he is going through physically, he tries his best to show us that he is going to conquer this. Today, we shaved his head because his hair is starting to fall off but we had fun instead of feeling depressed about it.

All photos were taken at Radiumhospitalet (Cancer Center). The staff in the hospital are superb! I just wish that the government would put more funding for the facilities of this hospital. Patients should not share room in this hospital. I think that it does not boost the morale of a patient if he sees what his room mate is going through and some handicap facilities are not working.

Photos taken with N70

10 Replies to “Happy Birthday John!”

  1. belated happy birthday to both you and John. i am new here (thanks for visiting my site), but i find your posts candid and reflecting positivity). good luck to you an John, and God bless you.

  2. Thanks everyone for the greetings and your prayers. I wish you all a very pleasant weekend!

  3. Happy Bday ate! And give my bday greetings too to John. I hope I can visit you guys during the course of summer!

  4. Happy birthday to you and your husband, Al. I am sorry to hear about your husband but I think that with your positive attitude, prayers and tender, loving care, your husband will beat his illness.

  5. Hi Al belated happy birthday to your husband.
    Sana successful lahat para sa asawa mo, good luck and God Bless.

  6. Belated birthday congratulations and the best luck with the treatment. I’m sure it all will end up very positive.

  7. First of all belated Happy Birthday to both of you!
    I’m so sorry to hear about your husband but glad to hear your attitude. To do the best out of it, have fun instead of feeling depressed is admiring in your situation. I’ll cross my fingers and hope the same as you 6 month from now!

  8. Happy birthday to you and your husband!

    I am very sad to hear about John’s sickness! I am sure he will recover and I wish you much strenght in the weeks ahead!

    Will pray for you !

  9. By the way. You take nice photos. I’m a photography enthusiast, too!
    I think you’re lucky to be living in Norway. Norway is a very peaceful country…

  10. I admire your couple’s positive mental attitude. Surely, that will help you to overcome with the present difficulty that you have.
    I pray that your husband John can surpass such cancer that is trying to attack him now…
    God bless!

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