When my brother, Alvin, and mother was here, we went to some places that I have been to so many times. Every time we have some visitors, we take them to the same places. The fascinating thing about going to the same places is that I discover new things and/or see things in another angle.
When we go to Holmenkollen, we always go there during sunny days. When my family was here, we went there on a rainy day to make the most out of their stay. They only stayed for 2 weeks, unfortunately.

Photos taken with N70

6 Replies to “Holmenkollen”

  1. I really like the photo of the house with the fog and the fence. Very nicely done.

  2. Renny – They will come back but not soon 😦

    Charles – My favourite photo is the spooky house.

    Watson – I miss Baguio too!!

    Tor – It is another face of Holmenkollen. 🙂

  3. What a pity, beeing in Holmenkollen Ski Jump on a foggy day – no view to downtown Oslo and the inner fjord.

    Hope your family enjoyed the Skimuseum etc.

  4. I see your “foggy” photos amongst trees and suddenly I miss Baguio, even if I’ve been there only this weekend!

  5. Honestly, I havent been to Holmenkollen. I guess I should visit it sometime. Despite the weather, the pictures look great

  6. Ohh yea, Holmenkollen is one of the most visited place for tourists and I always takes our family from the US there when they are over. Last time we had my FIL over this winter, we even went on top of the jump tower. Great view you know!
    Sorry there was so foggy that day, but hope they’ll come back again one day.

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