Vigelandsparken on a Wet Summer Day

This is a long overdue post.
When my brother and mother were here, we went to Vigeland Park. (I posted some pictures I took sometime ago on Lei’s visit and Jenneth’s Visit to norway. Or see my 2005 posts ). I have been to this park so many times but it never ceases to amaze me. I know there is probably thousands of pictures of the park on the net but I would like to show you that it is not so bad to go to this particular park on a wet day.

Photos taken with Nokia N70

13 Replies to “Vigelandsparken on a Wet Summer Day”

  1. I love the reason I always love going to the theme parks, not for the rides but to admire the landscaping.

  2. these pictures are simply great! Norway must be a quiet, relaxed and refreshing place to live in.

  3. Great phonecam photos. YOu have lots of beautiful spots there too. If I have a chance to travel around the world, I surely would include your place in my list 🙂

  4. Hello Al, these are wonderful pictures! If I ever made it to Finland, this would be my one stop. I like that picture of Tatyana with the statue. It’s very beautiful and artistic too.

  5. Dear you, I’m commenting really overdue.

    The Vigeland park has been a part of my life since childhood.

    My grandpa even got a diploma from the 1914 Jubileum Exhibition (Norwegian constition 100 year) from the park – before it became a sculpture park.

    Anna and I lived in walking distance to the park for 23 years.

    Thanks for taking us back on memory lane.

    PS. Guess who’s sitting next to me?

    It’s blogged.

    Hope we all here will have a better summer weather.

  6. Hi! When you have the time, I’ll invite you over to a blog gathering as Tor is visiting in our vacation home in Sweden!

  7. I love, love, love the first photo! Color-wise and all. Such an eye-candy. You really captured the moment. *claps then does the standing ovation*

  8. the first one is so colorful.. so you’re having wet summer up there too?.. here in Dijon, it’s announced 16°C tomorrow! are we really on summer?

  9. oh, AL! poster perfect pictures! norway is indeed a green country, and a nice place to live in.

    my favorite is the tree lined road–always fascinated with such landscape.

    thanks for sharing.

  10. Vigeland Park is my favorite place to go in Oslo too and even if I’ve been there hundreds of times, it’s always something new to obtain and see.
    When having visitors, it’s a must see of course.

    Your post and pictures really show it is great whatever weather you have:-)

    Btw: Thanks for your compliments on my new blog home (you might like to update your blogroll:-)

  11. I always love the pictures of your Norway — they always make me want to travel there, and all of Europe, right away! And when you write about the Philippines — sheesh, I want go there too!

    As always, looking forward to more of musings and pics 🙂

  12. The pictures are simply awesome ate! I like it! Hope to see you soon in Fredrikstad and regards to John and the kids as well!

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