Mjøsa is norway’s largest lake. It stretches from Eidsvoll to Lillehammer.

Mjøssamlingene is an organization that basically does research and shares the historical knowledge of boat traffic, boats, culture, nature and the environment of the area. They also run a museum called Mjøs Museum.

A great way to see the beauty surrounding Mjøsa Lake is by Skibladner, a steam boat which is over 150 years old.

Photos taken with Nokia N70

4 Replies to “Mjøssamlingene”

  1. al,

    great photos! now i know, its not the camera that matters, its the one taking the pictures that make good photographs!

    i can’t imagine you are only using a nokia n70…

    thaks for visiting my site!

    mabuhay po kayo!

  2. Hei Rachie-babe and Charles… thanks … I got lost the first time I drove through those bridges heheheheh.

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