The Viking Ship Olympic Arena

On the way to Lillehammer (while my family was here), we drove through Hamar and I just had to ask my husband John to stop when we saw the Viking ship Olympic Arena. It is build to host the Winter Olympics in Norway in 1994 for speedskating. Now, it is used for all kinds of purpose, concerts, football, trade fairs.

The roof of the building is a viking ship turned upside down! Impressive architecture.

Photos taken with Nokia N70

2 Replies to “The Viking Ship Olympic Arena”

  1. ang lupet nga ng architecture ng building. sana makabisita rin ako norway in thenear future.

  2. Woow, you’ve been so productive blogging lately – what great posts from Lillehammer and Hamar!

    I do remember I took my FIL from US the same rout last winter and we had a blast too. It was to return his favor for taking me to Lake Placid a year ago – another famous OL town you know!

    Both OL Cities brings great memories for Norwegians you know:-)

    Btw: I need you to vote for me – Please 🙂

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