A.J.’s Honda XR

Honda XRA.J. had her confirmation last May. Our gift was : we are going to pay half the price of the motorbike she is going to buy. She found the bike that she liked Honda XR125. We ended up paying 2/3 of the price. Ugh. Talk about being broke.

We promised her that if she doesn’t smoke, we would pay for her driver’s license too. My husband even gave her a cigarette! She still has it in her room. So… there goes 550 kroner per hour!

In Norway, a 15 year old can practice driving a 125cc motorbike and could acquire the license to drive it when they are 16. A lot of people told me that I should not let her drive a bike. It is dangerous. I agree with my husband, John, when he said that it is more dangerous to let the kids drive a 50cc (moped).

Photos taken with Nokia N70

11 Replies to “A.J.’s Honda XR”

  1. Dodong – AJ actually started with Trial bike at the age of 9 and moved to ATV and Cross afterwards. She is very careful 🙂 My husband was active in the biking world for many years until he married me Hahaha…and he was the one who trained her.

    I am satisfied with my phone. I think I will have this until it says goodbye.

  2. By the way, those are cool photos too taken from your Nokia phonecam 🙂

  3. Nice bike, AL.
    I have seen those photos in your Flickr and that’s a cool bike out there…
    We have the same interest with your daughter pala. I’m also eyeing to buy a Honda XR200 (125cc is not available here)…
    Don’t forget to remind her always to drive safely…
    Your husband is right. That XR125 is a better choice as compared to moped (called underbone here in the PHilipppines). These bikes are called killer bikes in Nueva Ecija because of higher rate of vehicular accidents caused by these moped and their respective irresponsible rider.
    In some places, there are also sub-cultures associated with those who own moped and I witness it myself while living in Antipolo city.
    Fortunately, I haven’t heard of any sub-culture associated with dirt bike owners so I’m sure your daughter got the right bike perfect for her…
    Please extend my congratulations to her for getting that new bike…

  4. thess, nino, charles and rachie…
    thanks! I think that she would have a nice time using her new bike.

  5. That looks nice but I am not really fond of motorcycles since I cant even ride a bike like a pro. Hehehehhehe

  6. Yeeee. Motorbikes are like my green kryptonite. I never ride one, since accidents involving such vehicles abound in this country. And by the numbers, that’s like, what, 1 out of 5, I guess? So, again, yeeee, and I bid your daughter safe riding. 🙂

  7. Oh wow, what a cool bike and gift!! She’ll be the envy of many girls and boys her age…her bike rocks!

  8. Sidney – Hahah… I hope not!!!!

    Iskoo – Delikado sa mga driver ng kotse.

    Normally, motorbike drivers are safer drivers than car drivers. They see the traffic in a different way. I hope my 15 year old, would drive safely too 🙂

  9. medyo delikado nga pero ingat ingat nalang, i’m sure mas safe dyan mag motorbike kaysa dito sa pinas.

  10. Wow! That is a nice bike!
    I am sure she will attract a lot of boys! 😉
    Drive safely !

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