A Special Wedding

We chanced upon meeting a wonderful couple, Susanne and Steinar, at the Cancer Center from a town called Vegårshei. They planned long ago to get married on 07.07.2007 but then Steinar was diagnosed with cancer. He had go through chemotherapy on this day. Fortunately, the priest at the Cancer Center told them that they could still be married on this day.

Although their guests had poles with cancer drugs, it was a beautiful wedding. Not everyday I get to witness a happy thing at a sad place like the Cancer Center.

Photos taken with Nokia N70

6 Replies to “A Special Wedding”

  1. I came here for the first time – finding you by Blogging To Fame – and I really like your blog very much! I have to try to come back more often.

    This post is so wonderful with this photos. Strange is that I should stumbled upon it today of all days…

    Yes, we’re having a wedding anniversery today and are soon heading out for some celebration of it 🙂

  2. Beng – thanks…John is much better now…. Don’t worry, I know you are busy (like the rest of us)

  3. i am deeply touched Al, i wish them both all the best and i am wishing your hubby well too. sorry kong behind ako sa balita.

  4. Renato – thanks for dropping by 🙂
    Sidney – John’s operation went well. Thank you for wishing him well.

  5. I hope your husband is doing fine and feeling well!

    Wow! What a nice wedding! Wish them a long life and a lot of happiness together.

  6. Hi again Al Bjørnstad!

    Nice to meet You Friend!

    I saw your blog in Blogging To Fame!

    I just fame it!

    Wounderful slides!


    Greetings from Brazil!



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