Extreme Makeover

Keeping a house means work. Keeping 2 houses means??? having a full time job?
My husband’s danish relatives came over at the last week of July and borrowed our summer house (which I rather refer to as weekend cabin, we use the cabin in the winter too.). Last winter, we knew that we should renovate it this summer but because of the going in and out of the hospital, we never really got the time to do it until the last minute. 9 days before our guests arrive, we renovated the summer house with the help of our carpenters.

Thanks to Ignas and Remi, I do not think that we were able to lend away the cabin on time. We still need to do a lot of finishing touches but they will have to wait.

Photos taken with Nokia N70

18 Replies to “Extreme Makeover”

  1. Expat – I voted on both photos! 🙂

    Nino – Haha… I cannot adopt you because I do not think I can afford your taste. LOL. But you are welcome to visit anytime.

  2. Ah! Such a comfy abode! Eye-candy to boot! Um… Adopt me puhlease! Wtf lol. ;-p

  3. wow – what a great 2nd home! I love what you’ve done…

    Come back to visit my site to help vote for me in a Canadian photo contest.

  4. Thess – it is simple and cozy. It is somekind of a get-away house when everything is getting to complicated 🙂

  5. Raquel – You can say that again!!! LOL. Thanks to our discount at some of the building shops. It helped a lot.

    Exene – Thanks… we are doing our best.

  6. Keeping two houses means, money…he-he.

    Your summer cabin is cool Al. I like the glass window.

  7. Al, I love your renovated summer cabin. I can understand the hardword that comes with making it look pretty.

    It’s Shosh, btw, and I have a tag for you here if you do this kind of thing.

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog AL.Enjoyed browsing through your posts & photos.
    Do visit my blogs again & leave your valuable suggestions:)
    Good Luck!

  9. Iskoo- During the early 50’s until early 70’s. Summer houses were built out of excess materials or old materials from everywhere. 🙂 Now-a-days, people have more money, thus building more luxurious summer houses and winter cabins. Prices depends on the location. Some can be very very very expensive.

  10. its nice to see norwaygian architecture and how thry build (renovate) a house. it must be expensive.

  11. Renny – it is a small cabin. it looks bigger in the pictures.

    Sidney – It was!!! There was a leakage on the roof that we discovered last winter. When we opened the roof, it was rotten inside. Uff.

  12. Wooow, your cabin looks like a palace – and again your Nokia takes great pics:-)

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