Colors of summer

Summer is almost over, I am going to miss all the wonderful colors again. Most of the photos are taken in our garden.

By the way, this summer Tatyana learned to mow the lawn 🙂 She doesn’t do it well but who am I to stop a kid who wants to help at home?

Photos taken with Nokia N70

22 Replies to “Colors of summer”

  1. Al, these are wonderful pictures. I want to see Norway, especially your part of it.

  2. Hi Al, I was going to ask you if that is from your garden. Wow, sa garden nyo talaga ang mga bulaklak na yan.

    Ang ganda ng photography mo, parang professional. I like the Vigeland Park.

    Tatyana is so cute, I think she had fun!

  3. Yea, first day of fall today – where was the summer? LoL

    Great photos in the slide show – your Nokia take good pics too 😉

  4. Dodong – I am looking forward to summer next year. This year has just been raining 😦

  5. Hi, AL!
    You’re lucky to have such an interesting daughter who always wanted to learn things…
    She is also lucky to have nice parents who allowed for her into exploring things…
    We’ll miss your garden, too! The beautiful flowers you posted here in your site…
    Comes next year and those beautiful flowers will come to blossom again…

  6. Suh-leek! And ZOMG, your daughter is very adorable! Keep the photos coming ok!!!

  7. Daniel – You should come here. It is a wonderful country.

    Iskoo – Tama ka diyan! Exciting din naman ang 4 season 🙂

  8. may kakaibang ganda ang summer na ma mi miss natin pero ang susunod na season ay maroon din ganyang ibibigay 🙂

    beautiful summer flowers

  9. Wow, great pictures. You are making me wish to go live there in Norway…hehe

  10. Sidney – She is very helpful, thank goodness for that.

    Captain – Well, whenever she is around, I choose very light house work so she help. 🙂 It will help the kids a lot when they are grown up.

    Tor – Most of the flowers in the photo comes every year. I am not very good at planting. heheh.

    Thess – Most important is to choose flowers that come every year. So you do not need to spend so much. And some of them are wild flowers which I refuse to cut.

  11. Oh wow! what a huuuge garden you have, Al! awesome! With such garden, that’ll cost an arm and leg here in Holland.

    And lovely how your daughter has helped with mowing…good kid!

  12. She at least had fun – and it’s also important to encourage rather than refuse.

    Wonderful flowers.

    Our flowers have been miserable this “summer”.

  13. How great that she wants to help! That have to be encouraged, so you’re doing the right there letting her help. I remember that my parents wouldn’t let me help when growing up and I really wish they had….

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