A Special Wedding

We chanced upon meeting a wonderful couple, Susanne and Steinar, at the Cancer Center from a town called Vegårshei. They planned long ago to get married on 07.07.2007 but then Steinar was diagnosed with cancer. He had go through chemotherapy on this day. Fortunately, the priest at the Cancer Center told them that they could still be married on this day.

Although their guests had poles with cancer drugs, it was a beautiful wedding. Not everyday I get to witness a happy thing at a sad place like the Cancer Center.

Photos taken with Nokia N70


Tomorrow, my husband, is going to have an operation at the cancer center. We are very hopeful that this is the last treatment he is going to have at the Cancer Center.

All photos taken at the Radiumhospitalet (Cancer Center) with Nokia N70

A.J.’s Honda XR

Honda XRA.J. had her confirmation last May. Our gift was : we are going to pay half the price of the motorbike she is going to buy. She found the bike that she liked Honda XR125. We ended up paying 2/3 of the price. Ugh. Talk about being broke.

We promised her that if she doesn’t smoke, we would pay for her driver’s license too. My husband even gave her a cigarette! She still has it in her room. So… there goes 550 kroner per hour!

In Norway, a 15 year old can practice driving a 125cc motorbike and could acquire the license to drive it when they are 16. A lot of people told me that I should not let her drive a bike. It is dangerous. I agree with my husband, John, when he said that it is more dangerous to let the kids drive a 50cc (moped).

Photos taken with Nokia N70