Revebukta Camping

Just a stone throw away from our summer house is a camping area, Revebukta. Unlike some other camping places, it has very limited facilities but it is a very safe and friendly place. the price for an overnight stay is around kr. 150 (21 Euro)
We normally take a walk in the area when we can.

Photos taken with Nokia N70

14 Replies to “Revebukta Camping”

  1. Tor – I also like the amenities of a real kitchen and a toilet. I prefer the summer house too. Camping with tents … (coughing)… not too glad to sleep on a hard surface.heheheh

  2. A nice presentation of a nice place, but we prefere a solid building as summerhouse – and old-fashioned as we are: Camping still means tent for us (if we are able to set it up – *giggles*

  3. Captain – I think that Norway and Sweden have a lot of similarities but I noticed that there is a slight difference in the seascape and landscape when we are traveling by boat. Looking forward to read about my homeland in your blog!

    Renny – I will do the meme this week. promise!

    Midas – 🙂 Enjoy the sun for me. It is starting to be cold out here.

  4. Wow!

    I would be tempted to camp out too if it’s that pretty. It’s too muggy and hot right now for me to enjoy outside….but you sure have a lovely place Al.

  5. Oh, I must mention this: I once almost got to the Philippines! Seems to be paradise-like for me. I might write a post about it later 🙂

  6. Looks like a really nice spot to camp on. I must say that this could have been in Sweden as well, its very alike our countryside. Of course it’s not that far distance between our countrys, but sometimes I really think they are very different from each other.

    It looks like you had good weather too, that’s something to be very grateful for this summer 🙂

  7. Cool na cool ang lugar ah at may beach pa. Sarap mag fishing jan. Kahit summer jan, cguro malamig pa rin noh? Mukhang malamig tingnan ang weather eh.

  8. Nino – My kumbayas are probably best sang in the bathroom LOL

    Evi – Ayayay!!! all those animals…
    well, make sure to have someone who has enough experience before you try camping 🙂

  9. we have a lot of camping grounds here but we haven’t tried to camp yet. i’m scared of cougars, coyotes and bears. i don’t think i can sleep well. although the camping grounds here are pretty safe but you can never tell.

  10. Camping trip!!1!11!!!

    Hah! Totally the best place to sing out loud all your Kumbayas and stuff! ;-p

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