Local Elections in Norway

It is time to vote for the local politicians here in Norway.
Go out and vote! If you don’t, then do not complain.

I am voting for a party that
– does not support property tax. (Goodness knows we pay so much already)
– that has better immigration politics.
– that would take care of the welfare of businesses
– does not raise interest rates 11 times in 2 years.
– would prioritize school and care for the elderly.

Quite happy with the things here in my small town. I think I would not want it to change.

25 Replies to “Local Elections in Norway”

  1. Hello Al,
    I hope everything’s fine with you over there. I came to say Happy Holidays to you and yours 🙂
    God bless.

  2. hey, just dropped by to say merry christmas in advance to you and your family 😉

  3. It’s been a while…

    I hope your local election turns out well…

  4. Hei Ate Anna! I am finally in Cebu and living with my grandma. Also I am back on my old work as a webdesigner on my old company before while I am still in the Phils. Will email you or chat with you on YM when I am online later.

  5. hello Al!its been a while,musta na?

    buti pwede kayong bumoto jan?dito,kahit na permanent resident na,wala kaming right na bumoto :)sabagay,si hubby nga,di rin bumubuto eh,LOL!

    kind regards,

  6. uuy, kapit-bahay! kamusta naman po sa norway? i guess not so different as here in sweden, weather-wise at least!

  7. lapit na din local election po a pinas. oct 27.. sana ganun din dito.. hay pulitika nga naman.. ^_^

    kamusta po?

  8. Hello Al, good choice for a politician. I am paying about 3.5 percent in property tax. It’s a lot of money. Some cities here only pays 1 percent and sometimes less. Still, I like my libraries where I live.

  9. hi AL… matagal na ba tong bloggy mo na to.. now lng ata ako nakarating hehe.. layo ng comment ko noh…

    anyways… hoep ur party wins… ingats 😀

  10. Which party did you vote ate? Anyway, I could actually vote here if I have reached 3 years in Norway and I could have voted for Ap, Venstre or possibly Høyre. It is always funny that I manage to argue about politics with other Norwegians. Anyway, I actually thought that it is somewhat impossible to be a corrupt official here due to the transparency in the public system. I read that there is indeed corruption in Norway but mostly in private firms.

  11. Nino – where there is politics, there will always be corruption. I cannot say that norway is corruption free, it is very very seldom that we hear about this though. And that is very good!

  12. Do “politicking politicians” exist up there in Norway? Y’know, corrupted Tom, Dick, and Harry, stuff like that? *self-proclaimed Norwegian politics noob*

  13. Ethel- Okey naman. busy lang.
    Lumalamig na rin dito Ethel!

    Renny – I am so BLUE! I know.

  14. I do agree with you; its important to vote and let your voice be heard!

    Godt Valg!

    Btw: Thanks for the visit and nice comment on my Boat on Monday post. Glad you’ll like to come back tomorrow and read about my wifes Norway Mountains adventures:-)

  15. Hi Al muzta na.
    muzta din weather nyo jan heeh dito ang lamig na.

    Good luck sa party mo sana manalo. 🙂

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