Sinulog Celebration in Norway

My Filipino friends from Cebu in my town would probably do anything to celebrate the Sinulog in Cebu. A lot of them can’t and they were happy we had a small celebration here. Thanks to our previous and present parish priests, we are able to celebrate it every year.

Sinulog is a religious festival in Cebu usually held on third Sunday of January. The center of the celebration is the child Jesus. A very timely celebration right after Christmas. It is a prayer-dance during the Holy mass done with a drum beat. I have seen some photos and videos of the Sinulog celebration in Cebu and the festivities is not limited inside the church. There are street parties all around the city and probably also in the outskirts.

Obviously, I have never celebrated Sinulog in Cebu and our celebration in Norway is probably a pale resemblance but I am thankful to have experienced it. One day, I will probably see the real thing.

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