Mala Secret Garden – Manchester

My daughter took me to a very unusual place for lunch last Thursday, 9 February. In the midst of Northern Quarters Manchester, a cozy place called Mala-Secret Garden, is a very wonderful surprise. There are big trees and the tables and sitting places are built around them. Vines are growing by the entrance and there are plants all around. And yes, there are 2 dogs.
The truth is, I cannot remember what I ate. I cannot remember if it was good or not. I think it was the company and the homey feeling of the place that made me eat up my food, even if the food was served in a cardboard box and the rice was mixed together with the sauce and the meat. (I am not fond of eating food when they are all mixed together).
It is too bad that we went there for lunch because there’s live music at night. Next time.
Again, follow the alcohol sign, you’ll be surprised what you’ll end up with. This time, 2 dogs, bean bags, picnic tables, smiling servers and you’ll get to eat your meal by a big tree.