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RennyBA’s Terella

One of the friendliest norwegian bloggers I know is Renny Bakke Amundsen. He is a positive person and very supportive (to his blogger friends :)). He is happily married to an American and is the CEO of EUCIP Norway.

His posts are very interesting — he not only writes about what is happening with his life but also writes about norwegian culture. His posts have personal touch and very informative PLUS wonderful pictures. I have learned a lot from his posts. Worry not, his blog is in English 🙂

RennyBA’s Terella

Get the chance to know more about Norway and Renny by clicking on the pictures above and hopefully get some feedbacks from you. You may also check his personal website here.

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On Lysne : Some pictures at Kon-tiki Museum ( a museum on Thor Heyerdahl’s expeditions). Thor Heyerdahl is one of the greatest norwegians I know. He was able to prove why some cultures are similar to each other and how people travelled before.

Ajay’s Writings On The Wall

When I started blogging 6 months ago, the only purpose I had in mind was not to fill up the inbox of friends and family with pictures and it is a good way of keeping them inform on what has been happenning to us here in Norway without realizing that I also would enjoy reading the opinions of others, enjoying the wonderful things they share specially fotos (love them), finding out what others believe in and learning from what others have to say.
As an appreciation to all of you who have been visiting Time Out I would like to feature your blogs on this site.

The first person who commented on my blog is Ajay who I fondly called Ju, a nickname she acquired in highschool basically I think because we have the same name so we would not be confused. I have known her ever since I was 11 years old. We went to school together at Our Lady of Grace Academy. It is a Catholic school for girls which now called St. Mary’s of Kalookan.

Ajay’s Writings On the Wall

Ajay (Annalyn Jusay) is a journalist and regular columnist at Manila Bulletin, one of the leading newspapers in Manila and is a casino host. She is a very sociable person, easy to talk to and she has a vibrant personality. Some of you may have been regularly visiting her blog and to you guys who have not visited her site, she posts a lot of interesting things — her opinions, travels, food, (she has very good food preferences), family life and more. Happy Reading! And I hope that I would get some feedbacks what you think of her blog.

…. and don’t forget to visit my tenant for this week: Life My Way. Just click on the thumbnail at the right column….