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The Viking Ship Olympic Arena

On the way to Lillehammer (while my family was here), we drove through Hamar and I just had to ask my husband John to stop when we saw the Viking ship Olympic Arena. It is build to host the Winter Olympics in Norway in 1994 for speedskating. Now, it is used for all kinds of purpose, concerts, football, trade fairs.

The roof of the building is a viking ship turned upside down! Impressive architecture.

Photos taken with Nokia N70


Mjøsa is norway’s largest lake. It stretches from Eidsvoll to Lillehammer.

Mjøssamlingene is an organization that basically does research and shares the historical knowledge of boat traffic, boats, culture, nature and the environment of the area. They also run a museum called Mjøs Museum.

A great way to see the beauty surrounding Mjøsa Lake is by Skibladner, a steam boat which is over 150 years old.

Photos taken with Nokia N70

Boats and Vampus Verden

Still on Winter Mode: Tatyana in my coat

When I first came to Norway, I noticed that Norwegians love to talk about weather. I thought that people talk about the weather when one is trying to be safe when conversing with others. I realized that after sometime, I started being so interested what the weather would be the next day and started talking about the weather like everyone else! AND may I say, that today was the first day in a long time that the temperature went up to 7.5 degrees celsius. Yoohoo!!!! This season has been really special.

Winter in Norway is long and summer is awfully short… at least that is how I feel. And this is the reason why I wonder why Norwegians are crazy about boats since they only have a few months to use them. Maybe,,, they got this love of the sea and boats from their viking ancestors, who are well known for their sea travelling. (After all, Leiv Eiriksson beat Christopher Columbus in discovering America). Like many Norwegians, my husband, John, is also crazy about boats… and we went to the boat show at Norgesvaremesse. Here are some photos…

DSC029761 DSC029941



drooling more….

Porche of the sea – Hydrolift… drooling more and more…


Sail boat section

One of the most interesting norwegian blogs I have ever gotten across (aside from RennyBA’s blog) is Vampus Verden. This camera shy blogger has probably the most well-read blog in Norway. If you are interested in Norwegian and world politics, you may want to visit her blog. I may not agree with her opinion all the time but reading her blog gives me another perspective on Norwegian politics. Even though I do not place comments very often on her blog, I read her entries as often as time permits me (unfortunately my written norwegian is not as fluid as the people who leave comments on her posts… )

Vampus Verden

Don’t forget to visit my 4 year old blogger tenant for the week IRVINE IN THE SKIES WITH DIAMONDS. Check it out, it would amuse and amaze you what this 4 year old can do.