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Mjøsa is norway’s largest lake. It stretches from Eidsvoll to Lillehammer.

Mjøssamlingene is an organization that basically does research and shares the historical knowledge of boat traffic, boats, culture, nature and the environment of the area. They also run a museum called Mjøs Museum.

A great way to see the beauty surrounding Mjøsa Lake is by Skibladner, a steam boat which is over 150 years old.

Photos taken with Nokia N70

A.J.’s Confirmation

As I have mentioned before, my eldest daughter, A.J., had her confirmation at St. Magnus Catholic Church on the second week of May. Usually, when one reaches the 10th grade, one can decide to have the sacrament of confirmation. It is not a must though. A Catholic can have their confirmation even at a later age.

Confirmation is big in Norway. It is like opening a door towards adulthood to some teens. To some, it is tradition. I would like to believe that some of them receives this sacrament because they believe in God. Unfortunately for some, their focus is on how much money they would get. 😦




At Saint Magnus Catholic Church in Lillestrøm



P5120381 P5120405

All in all, we had about 60 guests at home. It was a simple celebration with lots of food. Thanks to my friends who helped me prepare and who assisted me during the party. We had king crabs (Kamchatka krabber), Smoked salmon, Lumpia (Spring Rolls), Chili Scampi, Pancit (Fried Noodles), Moose Casserole (Elg Gryte), Cold Cuts (Ham, Smoked lamb meat, Salami), Herring with Onions ( Løk Sild), Danish Meat Cake, Chopseuy, Pork Barbecue and Sea food barbecue. Lots of red wine, white wine, vodka, whisky, brandy, champagne etc. Yes, I know, I should’nt serve alcohol on confirmation parties but heck, I needed an excuse to drink. heheh.

My mom, brother and aunt flew all the way from Manila just to be A.J.’s confirmation. My cousin Benneth flew from Stockholm too.

The celebration was very simple, like I said. No long speeches. Just family and some friends enjoying each others’ company. The first guest came at 1pm and the last guest left at 5pm the next day. Heheh. You can guess what happened in between.

Anyway, let me just thank Renny for being the first to greet me on my “beerday” . Thanks Renny for the wonderful sms you sent me!!!!! I appreciate it very much.


17th of May – Part 2

17th of May or Syttende Mai is the day that the Norwegian constitution was signed. I do not think that there is a country that celebrates their independence like the Norwegians do. They celebrate it by their display of

… nationalism…

17052007807 17052007797

… colors…

17052007841 17052007813
Sami or Lapps Traditional Clothing/ Romerike Costume (my district)

… music…

17052007838 17052007837

… importance of family and friends…

17052007815 17052007839

… lifting up children …


I do not think that my description of the Norwegian National Day gives justice to how it really is. One must experience this festival to really grasp how it really is.

Photos taken with N73.