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A Unique Christmas Package

Every year, we expect a gift card from my husband. He always say that he doesn’t what to give so we get to pick out our gifts ourselves. No complications. Imagine my surprise when he came with this box.

Lechon made of marsipan being roasted by santas and an angel one of my kids made when she was 8. My gift was inside this box (another surprise).

Oh yes, gift cards were still passed around. 😜

May this season bring you not only material blessings but also things that money cannot buy. May you have always have faith, hope and charity.


On Losing a Child

I cannot imagine how much pain a mother have to go through when she loses a child. I do not even want to imagine. A friend lost her child last Tuesday., her only child. We had the Requiem Mass today and we got to say goodbye to this young, beautiful and lively 27 year old.

During the mass, I thought about Mary when she had to witness our Lord die on the cross, her son and her Lord. I pray that my friend will look up to the Blessed Virgin Mary to find courage and strenght to tackle the loneliness that lies ahead. May she be comforted by the Lord’s love and grace.