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Colors of summer

Summer is almost over, I am going to miss all the wonderful colors again. Most of the photos are taken in our garden.

By the way, this summer Tatyana learned to mow the lawn 🙂 She doesn’t do it well but who am I to stop a kid who wants to help at home?

Photos taken with Nokia N70

Extreme Makeover

Keeping a house means work. Keeping 2 houses means??? having a full time job?
My husband’s danish relatives came over at the last week of July and borrowed our summer house (which I rather refer to as weekend cabin, we use the cabin in the winter too.). Last winter, we knew that we should renovate it this summer but because of the going in and out of the hospital, we never really got the time to do it until the last minute. 9 days before our guests arrive, we renovated the summer house with the help of our carpenters.

Thanks to Ignas and Remi, I do not think that we were able to lend away the cabin on time. We still need to do a lot of finishing touches but they will have to wait.

Photos taken with Nokia N70


Tomorrow, my husband, is going to have an operation at the cancer center. We are very hopeful that this is the last treatment he is going to have at the Cancer Center.

All photos taken at the Radiumhospitalet (Cancer Center) with Nokia N70