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Seafood Anyone?

At Dampa (Paranaque City, Manila)

Sinigang sa Miso
Tulya (shells) with Butter and Garlic

Crabs and Seaweed Salad
Lobsters with Chili sauce

Nothing like San Miguel Beer and Seafood Dinner
Fried King Prawns


The good thing about eating at Dampa is that you get to buy your own fresh seafood at the wetmarket and bring them to the restaurants around and they will cook them the way you like it. We spent 3200 pesos (51 euro) for 1,2 k lobster, 1 k squid, 1,5 k fish, 1 k shrimps, 1 k shells, 2 k crabs. We paid the restaurant 1200 (19 euro) pesos for cooking everything and for the rice and salad. I say, it is money well spent for.