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Home Depot and 3 Star Hotels in Manila

We visited Home Depot at The Fort at found a lot of interesting things both imported and locally made products. I found out that more and more filipinos are starting to be into home improvement.

I went to some stores selling kitchen furnitures. They were selling a 1set (14 cabinets) kitchen for 250 000pesos (almost 4000 euro).I sell almost the same type of kitchen in Norway at almost the same price. The same mechanisms – Blum drawers and door mechanism. Solid Wood Doors and fronts, and Laminte Carcass. There were about 2 or 3 shops selling kitchens but none of them were made in the Philippines. It would probably be cheaper if doors and the cutting of the laminate would be done in the Philippines. This is if there are no good quality laminate made in the Philippines. I am sure that there are enough wood and MDF (medium Density Fiberboard) in the Philippines to make the doors.
A middle class family would not be able to redecorate their kitchen if they would be spending that much amount of money. I hope that there would be a home improvement store that would cater not only to the rich but to also to the working class. The only solution would be using local resources.

Imported Products

Made in Denmark

I think this is by far the most beautiful marble I have ever seen in my life
From Italy
6000pesos per square meter.

More Italian Stones (granite)

Filipino Products

As importers, we are always scouting for products to be sold. We were very happy to find a lot of Philippine products that are of high quality and of excellent design. Support Filipino Industry!!!

Some of the places we stayed at:
Victoria Lodge (Las Pinas City)

2700 pesos (43 euro) per room per night
Room with Jaccuzzi
24 Hour Room Service
Try the Tuna Sandwich (Skip the fries- Ugh!)

Copacobana Apartment Hotel (Pasay City)

3300 pesos (53 euro) per room per night (with extra bed)
10-15 minutes from the Airport
Rooms with Kitchen and Receiving Area
Recommended for longer period of stay (they charge cheaper )

Good restaurant by the pool
Offers Swedish Massage for 700 pesos
Could use some room upgrading!

The room we had has a veranda overlooking some parts of Manila and Makati. We spent so many hours from the veranda watching the traffic flow —- VERY INTERESTING! As my husband says: There is a system in the chaos.

Eurotel Las Pinas

1900 pesos (30 euro) per room per night

Excellent Service, Friendly Staff
Modern Interior
Located right across SM Shopping Mall
24 hour Room Service
Newly Built – Grand opening was in October 2005
Tlf +632 805 0095 / +632 8067646

Marble Island, Romblon

We got to Romblon very early in the morning on the 30th of December.

Romblon, Romblon
Preparing for Fiesta
Restaurant (Very Good English Breakfast!!!!)
Romblon Town Proper

On the Road to the Jungle (LOL)

Romblon Bayview – 6 room hotel

Standard Room – 650 pesos per room per night (10 euro )
Family Room – 750 pesos per room per night (12 euro)
(I do not know why it is called a family room, there is only 1 bed)
No restaurant facilities but they can make you coffe in the morning which is the most important thing for me.
Bed could use upgrading (I could feel the springs)
Recommended for short stay

Chamban Beach (I am not sure of the spelling)
Day trip entrance fee 35pesos (0.55 euro)

Suzanne with a starfish (she returned it back to the sea)

Tatyana posing with a ball
Angel-Jane resting from playing
Tatyana, Angel-Jane and Suzanne’s Heads
A beautiful filipino boat made by a Swiss Guy
Per and John
David (our English friend residing in Romblon) with a german friend
Thess (our friend and wife of David) with Liza (in black) and friends of Thess from Puerto Galera

I have been tagged by a friend from Greece Sha

5 weird things about me:

1) My bedroom is always dark. I seldom turn on the lights.
2) When I am depressed, I sit on the bathroom floor — I can stay there for hours.
3) I eat chicharon dipped in vinegar (with garlic and chili) with rice.
4) I curl my toes when I am making a decision or thinking of solutions to problems
5) When I am angry, I stamp my foot like a kid. I did not realize this until my husband and his friends told me about this just a month ago.

Go Where Nothing Happens

More and more people (like us) would like a nice quiet vacation. Away from mobile phones, e-mails, faxes. Away from other tourists and annoying vendors.
When we arrived in Manila on 21 December, we stayed at Eurotel Las Pinas for 1 night and went to Candelaria, Zambales right away. Candelaria is a small sleepy town. It is the second to the last town of Zambales. There are no telephone lines in this town – this means no internet connection or fax machines. Just a few years ago, there was only 1 place in the whole town you can get a mobile signal. Now, there is a mobile signal “almost” eveywhere. There are 2 karinderias (canteen), maybe 20 stores selling the same things, 1 big resort with restaurant, videoke and disco – Dawal. If you need to widthraw cash, you must go to the next town, Sta. Cruz which is 15-20 minutes away.
My mother’s family came from this place. I have been going to Candelaria ever since I can remember. Very little has changed in this town over the years. It is still the charming sleepy town that I love.

Image0026 Image0018

Image0013 Image0022 Image0031

This is where we stayed in Candelaria: Sunbloom resort

Image0079 Image0135

Image0142 Image0067

Sunbloom resort has no kitchen facilities but they can prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner upon request except on high season. You can make your own food or eat at Dawal Resort which is a stone throw away. The resort is clean and comfortable. Friendly staff. All rooms have airconditioning unit. Room per night 1000 pesos. A little price to pay for a relaxing stay.

All photos are taken by my brother, Alvin Pangan.