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Dugnad is a norwegian word which means getting together and working for a common cause or to help a person. It is an unpaid work and voluntary. It is very usual in local communities and organizations. A dugnad can also be helping a neighbor or a friend painting or renovating his house (in exchange for some beer. Heheheh)

Last Saturday, we went to a dugnad at Skjeberg. Everyone who own a boat parking space were there. It is also a very social thing. Going around talking to the neighbors. I enjoyed it very much but I did not stay very long because I was not dressed well. The wind was fierce that day.



The kids find something to do while the parents work and socialize….



Dugnad is synonymous to filipino “Bayanihan”

Letting Kids Grow Up

Last year, my eldest daughter Angelika Jane asked me if she could see the Shakira concert in Oslo. I said it would be okey as long as she has more than 1 friend that would go with her. The concert was on March 11 at Oslo Spectrum and she had 3 friends with her. It is her first time to go out at night and in Oslo! We, of course drove her and picked her up at the venue. She probably think we are nuts repeating all the warnings. Do not go to the toilet alone. Do not talk to strangers. Do not go out of the building without your friends. Do not… do not… do not…

Her first night out in Oslo went well. She enjoyed the concert very much. I should have not been worried after all. Generally, Oslo is a very safe place and Oslo Spectrum for that matter.

While we were waiting for A.J., we had the chance to go back to our old neighborhood at Ekeberg and visited our neighbor and good friends Elizabeth Walker (an American) who is married to Terje Gewelt. We had a very good time with them. We found out that the new album Terje released is doing very well in the market. If you are into Jazz, you might want to check out NORWEGIAN SONG. Highly recommended! Not because I am partial to Terje being my friend. The album comprises of Norwegian folk songs and 2 of Edvard Grieg’s compositions. Ved Rondane (By the Rondane Mountains) and Arietta. Lucky for me, I got a free copy.

Oslo at night
This is the view I miss.

Terje & Elizabeth’s — Nellie the dog

Yesterday was “Barnehage Dag” (Kindergarten day). There was an assembly of kids at the Nordbytjerne and I was there like a stage mother following her kid around. LOL.

Barnehage dag
There were about 1000 kids in this assembly

Fun in the sun
… and some kids just want to use some energy a little…

T & K
Tatyana and Kristian having a time out from running around

The still frozen Nordbytjerne