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Trandumskogen (Trandum Woods)

One of the great things about living in Norway is the numerous places you can go for walks. There is always a park nearby even in Oslo. In the community where I live in, Ullensaker, a monument was made in honor of the men and women who defended Norway against the Germans during the second world war. After the war, it was used as a training camp by the military.

Saying Goodbye to Summer

It has been a wonderful summer. I am sure a lot of Norwegians would agree with me on this. I am glad we stayed in Norway this year. Last weekend, we have been lucky that the weather was perfect for a little trip on the fjord.

Image(993) Image(992)
Olseng Marina : Crane for boats / Gasoline Station

Strømstad Strømstad
Strømstad Harbour

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Strømstad is a cozy little Swedish Town where we can buy cheaper cigarettes and wine (Hehe) and half the people you meet are norwegians.

Image(981) Image(026)
“Beer and A boat trip: Who could ask for more?” Says Morten
“Ugh! No Catch Yet!” John and Tatyana
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We got some good sized mackerel which we had last Saturday night.
On the way back to the cabin

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Back at the cabin
The most enjoyable thing to do after fishing is sitting by the fireplace and enjoying the stillness of the night