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Norwegian Movies and James Bond

I have seen only 3 movies in 2 months. If it wasn’t for my “extra job” as a support person (st√łttekontakt) for another individual, I would probably not have gone to the movie house at all. Not that I do not like going to the movies but I just do not think of making a time for it.

In the past, I rather watch a swedish or a danish film because I didn’t find norwegian films very good except for Elling and Heftig og Begeistret which were both released in 2001. I waited 5 years to watch another norwegian film and was very very surprised. Norwegian films have improved. Uro is an action/drama film while Fritt Vilt is a thriller/suspense film.


James Bond

To my dear friend Joey:
I promised to make a comment on the new James Bond movie. The stunts are just so crazy and it is action filled enough to hold my breath. It was funny and exciting. I enjoyed it very much.

If you would like to read Joey’s review on James Bond, you may want to visit his blog: