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Revebukta Camping

Just a stone throw away from our summer house is a camping area, Revebukta. Unlike some other camping places, it has very limited facilities but it is a very safe and friendly place. the price for an overnight stay is around kr. 150 (21 Euro)
We normally take a walk in the area when we can.

Photos taken with Nokia N70

Vigelandsparken on a Wet Summer Day

This is a long overdue post.
When my brother and mother were here, we went to Vigeland Park. (I posted some pictures I took sometime ago on Lei’s visit and Jenneth’s Visit to norway. Or see my 2005 posts ). I have been to this park so many times but it never ceases to amaze me. I know there is probably thousands of pictures of the park on the net but I would like to show you that it is not so bad to go to this particular park on a wet day.

Photos taken with Nokia N70


My phone suddenly went blank on Christmas eve. It is a big disaster for me because all my appointments and over 300 phone numbers, e-mail addresses of friends and clients are stored in that phone. I was too confident that the mobile phone (Nokia 6600) I have been using for the last 4 years would last forever. I have pushed aside placing all my contacts to my pc or to an address book for years even though I have told everyone that if I lose the phone, I would lose a lot. Now, I have to suffer the consequences.

I was itching to buy N80 or N91 but they are costly and I am not willing to put so much money in gadgets at this time of the year. I settled for N70, the cheapest among the Nseries. I tried the camera today and I think that I am going to be satisfied with it just as I was satisfied with my old Nokia 6600.

Norbytjerne is a small lake in our area. It is surrounded by forest and is a wonderful place for kids and adults alike. In the summer, folks swim in this lake. In the winter, they do ice fishing and skating (but it is not safe to skate here at the moment — the ice is not thick enough).
Tatyana and her friend enjoying the good weather.
Cookie Time!
Time for some fun on a sled…
This can go fast. I love this toy!