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Between Christmas & New Year

If there is one thing we do when we have the time to relax, we escape to Skjeberg and stay at our little cabin. This year, we used a lot of our weekends there.

and Odd visited us on the 28th of December. I always enjoy their company. They make me feel young.

Odd, me and Charles
Odd, Me & Charles (
To Charles and Odd, thank you for a wonderful time!

This is how it is like by the fjords between Christmas and New Year.
I sometimes think that I enjoy coming to this place in the winter than in the summer. It is very peaceful and beautiful (almost magical).

The sea turning into ice.

Someone forgot to take his boat ashore for the winter.

Hvaler (Spjærøy)

Last weekend, we had to check one of our project sites in Spjærøy (Hvaler – group of islands in the East of Norway). I took some photos with my phone (as usual) while we were driving. It is a shame that our time was very limited that we were not able to stop and really enjoy the beauty of Hvaler.

Image(431) Image(432)

Hvaler a Image(446)

Hvaler b Image(443)

Image(438) Image(437)

Nope, this is not one of my ex’s… (haha)
One of our friends was out hunting for elk a few weeks ago and he gave us a whole elk calf! Thanks Jo!