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My Sarisari Store

First of all, Don’t forget to visit my tenant: What Say You? Well, Mild from Malaysia has a lot of things to say! Just click on the thumbnail at the left column 🙂

I found Sidney’s photoblog last year thru Ajay’s blog . I enjoy his blog very much because of all the wonderful (and sad ) things he posts about Metro Manila. For those of you who miss Manila or the Philippines in general, Sidney’s My Sarisari Store is a very good site to visit. Sorry guys, no photos of Sidney available, this Belgian living in Manila is camera shy 😦

My Sarisari Store


Winter has been really great this year (but very long). We had quite a number of sunny days and heavy snow. This month, the temperature has been jumping several degrees. During the day, it can be +2 to +5.5 C but at night, it can be down to -25C (BRRRR)

Some photos at the cabin (Skjeberg – 10 minutes from Fredrikstad)

Father and Daughter working- Taking snow from the roof. Snow is so beautiful and so immaculate but SO MUCH WORK!

Relaxing at the terrace full of snow

Tatyana made herself a snow sofa

Tatyana playing and working

Thank You Kershaw Family!

Karaoke Time !!!! (Suzanne Singing with Tatyana)
Gary Mesana

At San Pedro Beach

William and Thess Kershaw, Lisa Montojo

John, Per and Trine
Angel Jane

Vissta Swerte

On the Way Back to Batangas

Our accommodations on the boat from Romblon to Batangas was not as bad as it was on the way to Romblon. Aircon Room , Japanese Style and I did not see any baby cockroaches this time. I must say that I had a wonderful time in Romblon. Finally meeting Thess after 5 years of talking to her on the phone, meeting her husband, David, again and getting to know Lisa and Gary were the most wonderful things that we did besides enjoying the beach.

We would like to thank the Kershaw Family for making our stay in Romblon one of the most memorable vacations we had. To you David and Thess, you have been wonderful hosts!!! We hope to see you again soon.

Marble Island, Romblon

We got to Romblon very early in the morning on the 30th of December.

Romblon, Romblon
Preparing for Fiesta
Restaurant (Very Good English Breakfast!!!!)
Romblon Town Proper

On the Road to the Jungle (LOL)

Romblon Bayview – 6 room hotel

Standard Room – 650 pesos per room per night (10 euro )
Family Room – 750 pesos per room per night (12 euro)
(I do not know why it is called a family room, there is only 1 bed)
No restaurant facilities but they can make you coffe in the morning which is the most important thing for me.
Bed could use upgrading (I could feel the springs)
Recommended for short stay

Chamban Beach (I am not sure of the spelling)
Day trip entrance fee 35pesos (0.55 euro)

Suzanne with a starfish (she returned it back to the sea)

Tatyana posing with a ball
Angel-Jane resting from playing
Tatyana, Angel-Jane and Suzanne’s Heads
A beautiful filipino boat made by a Swiss Guy
Per and John
David (our English friend residing in Romblon) with a german friend
Thess (our friend and wife of David) with Liza (in black) and friends of Thess from Puerto Galera

I have been tagged by a friend from Greece Sha

5 weird things about me:

1) My bedroom is always dark. I seldom turn on the lights.
2) When I am depressed, I sit on the bathroom floor — I can stay there for hours.
3) I eat chicharon dipped in vinegar (with garlic and chili) with rice.
4) I curl my toes when I am making a decision or thinking of solutions to problems
5) When I am angry, I stamp my foot like a kid. I did not realize this until my husband and his friends told me about this just a month ago.